Test Drive

Test Drive Board Review #4 – Sharpeye “Disco Tech”

For Test Drive episode #4, we review Sharpeye’s new small wave performance model in the “Disco” family, the “Disco Tech”. The “Disco Tech” has many similar characteristics to the original Disco, however has a unique swallow tail design that increases speed and water displacement. In this episode we put the Disco Tech to the test […]

Test Drive Board Review #3 – Firewire “Evo”

For this episode of Sunrise “Test Drive” we are reviewing one of our boardroom’s more unique and intriguing boards, the Firewire Evo. The Firewire Evo was created by Daniel Thomson aka “Tomo” and is one of his most refined modern planing hull boards yet. Watch Garrett put this new board to the test in the […]

Sunrise “Test Drive” Episode 2 – “Fred Stubble”

For episode number 2 of “Test Drive”, we take an inside look at what makes Channel Island’s Fred Stubble such a functional/go to small wave performance board. From volume and outline to bottom contours, we discuss the possibilities of the Stubble and then put it to the ultimate test in gutless knee high (Florida June) […]

Test Drive Board Review Episode #1 – “Disco Inferno”

We have launched a web series that focuses on testing and reviewing the multitude of surfboards in our Sunrise Surf Shop boardroom. Each episode we will select a board to review with different features and dimensions pre and post surf. Before “testing” the board we will cover the board’s design and then take it out […]

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