Following our Surf Team meeting up at Angie’s Subs, I sat down for a little Interview with two of the raddest menehunes around town – Simon Durham and Jordan Venn! Both attend school at Sea Side Elementary and surf non-stop. Evan Thompson, one of our professional team riders, has been helping these two take their surfing to the next level with his lessons. Here’s the full Q & A with the fellas:

“Who’s your favorite surfer?”

Simon – John John Florence.

Jordan – John John Florence.

“What kind of boards do you guys ride?”

Simon – Sharp Eye.

Jordan – Orion.

“What has been your favorite surfing trip? Why?”

Simon – Melbourne Regionals because the waves were fun and big.

Jordan – Melbourne Regionals too, because we got to hang out with all the groms.

“Do you guys have any sort of ritual you perform before you surf your heats?”

Simon – Surf for 30 minutes, drink some water, get a little snack, then go!

Jordan – Surf for 15 minutes then I’ll look at the waves so I can get some energy for my heat.

“What kind of music gets you pumped up before heats?”

Simon – Metallica.

Jordan – Me too, Metallica.

“What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in surfing?”

Simon – Did a big air not too long ago at the Pier.

Jordan – When I got 1st in Menehunes ESA.

“Favorite surf movie?”

Simon – View From A Blue Moon.

Jordan – View From A Blue Moon, too.

“Favorite spot to surf around town?”

Simon – The Pier.

Jordan – North Jetties.

“Favorite trick to do?”

Simon – Melon Grab.

Jordan – Air.

“Favorite spot to eat? GO.”

Simon – Cantina Louie.

Jordan – Moes.

Thanks fellas! We’ll see you at Wavemasters.😎


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