If you haven’t had a chance to check out “Under an Arctic Sky”, you need to go ahead and do so! Several people from the Sunrise crew saw the premiere yesterday evening in Downtown Jax and it was an incredible production to say the least. The film was directed by Chris Burkard (Burkard Studios) and featured surfers including team rider Justin Quintal as well as Timmy Reyes, Sam Hammer, Heidar Logi and others.

In the film, the crew sets off to some of the most remote parts of Iceland in search of perfect waves. They later find themselves on a boat hours away from the worst storm Iceland has seen in 25 years. Driving through blizzards, stuck in a log cabin for days, eating gas station hot dogs, you name it; the film has it all. UAAS not only documents these guys ripping freezing cold waves, but it captures the adventure and the intensity of the journey throughout, which a lot of surf films lack. It’s an amazing film.

Chris and Justin finished with a 20-30 minute Q & A session with the crowd. Chris made it clear that it takes years of preparation to plan trips out like this and noted that he has many more coming. Justin on the other hand said he was in no way prepared for this trip and that many times throughout the film, you can catch him in his jeans. Chris put up an image on the big screen shortly after of Justin standing in the middle of the snow in a Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt with his frozen wetsuit wrapped around his shoulders. It was classic.

Chris and Justin wrapped it up by mentioning that trips like this, establishing the contacts, etc. is all about reaching out to others. Friends of friends. Friends of friends of friends. And that it took multiple trips to Iceland and years in the process in order to build these kind of relationships.

This film is a must-see!!! Go check out Under An Arctic Sky for more information regarding show dates and locations!

Here’s a little teaser in case you still need some more convincing:

Here are some more pics from the trip –


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