The King Of The Hill Surf Contest took place this weekend in small waves but the weather and the energy was unbeatable. “Small weak waves for the “KING OF THE HILL SURF CONTEST”. Waves were in the thigh high range with light to moderate SSW winds. The surf was small but the skill level of the contestants was amazing. Putting on a Pro Level performance in minimal waves is testament to what these guys can do. These guys are good!” – Eddie Pitts

Below are the results from the contest as well as several photos taken by Eddie. More can be found here at this link:



Official 4th Annual King of the Hill Surf Fest Results:
Men’s Pro:
4th Place: Christian Gyland
3rd Place: Wayne Satterwhite
2nd Place: Cody Thompson
1st Place: Evan Thompson (4th Consecutive Title)
Women’s Pro:
4th Place: Maddy Malizia
3rd Place: Brayden Cunningham
2nd Place: Piper Austin
1st Place: Kayla Durden
Pro Longboard:
4th Place: Jasmine Dean
3rd Place: Cody McGill
2nd Place: Steve McLean
1st Place: Fisher Grant
4th Place: Nelly Murphy
3rd Place: Annie Adams
2nd Place: Jordan Venn
1st Place: Durham Simon
4th Place: Jordan Venn
3rd Place: Solon McLaughlin
2nd Place: Durham Simon
1st Place: Gunner Snead (scored two 10’s)
4th Place: Solon McLaughlin
3rd Place: Rael Sidoroff
2nd Place: Landon Wood
1st Place: Ben McCarthy
3rd Place: Logan Venn
2nd Place: Eden Venn
1st Place: Kaley Szarmack
Jr. Mens:
4th Place: Cameron Jrachovira
3rd Place: Hayden North
2nd Place: Landon Wood
1st Place: Tyler Reed
Open Long Board:
4th Place: Kyle Schare
3rd Place: Brandon Martin
2nd Place: Theo Shaw
1st Place: Trelane McLaughlin
Junior Women:
1st Place: Sophie Falzone
Women’s Longboard:
2nd Place: Piper Austin * (Outstanding Sportsmanship Award)
1st Place: Caydence Martin
Open Mens:
4th Place: Mason Berk
3rd Place: Cameron Alvarez
2nd Place: Jason Motes
1st Place: Colin Anderson
Stand Up Paddle Board:
3rd Place: Walt Brunso
2nd Place: David Riley
1st Place: Pat LeMoine
Open Men’s Longboard:
4th Place: Kyle Schare
3rd Place: Brandon Martin
2nd Place: Theo Shaw
1st Place: Trelane McLaughlin
2nd Place: Noah Sparkman
1st Place: Jason Motes
Sr. Mens:
2nd Place: Anthony Kantin
1st Place: Jason Motes * (Iron Man Award)

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