The 8th Annual Flounder Pounder is this Saturday – October 21st!

In 2016, the Flounder Pounder raised over $50,000 for the Jacksonville School for Autism

Jacksonville School for Autism (JSA) is celebrating its 8th Annual “Flounder Pounder” Fishing Tournament to benefit children with autism. Chip and Teresa Davis, parents of a JSA student, began organizing this tournament because of their passion for both their son and the school. To date, Flounder Pounder has raised about $190,000 in the past 7 years and is voted the best tournament in the 904 two years running! –

Hurry before it’s too late – The captain’s meeting is this Thursday!

For more information regarding registration and rules, visit


One thought on “2017 8th Annual Flounder Pounder

  1. Tom says:

    Who organizes these events? They should be named so we all know who they are and what great people they are. I know this isn’t about them, but they deserve a shout out for what they are doing. It’s above and beyond and that certainly deserve recognition. Honor them all, I say.

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