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Tristan Thompson in ‘Black Coffee’

We highly recommend what you’re doing and watch Tristan Thompson in his new edit ‘Black Coffee’ which was filmed in Bali. Tristan is a part-time shop employee/full time ripper who’s surfing has really matured in the last couple of years. Check it out! BLACK COFFEE ☕️ from Alessio Saraifoger on Vimeo.

“Test Drive” Episode #11 – Sharp Eye Disco E2 construction

For the final episode of Test Drive in 2016, we wrap up our series of epoxi construction reviews with a model that Garrett is very familiar and fond of…the Sharp Eye “Disco”. The Sharp Eye Disco model is one of Garrett’s all time favorite small wave performance boards. Watch Garrett put the Disco model to […]

Xcel Wetsuit Review -2016/2017

For November’s product review, we partnered up with Xcel to take a good look at the characteristics that make up some of their top selling wetsuits in the 2016-2017 line. Watch this video to find out what the Axis, Infiniti X2, Revolt, and Drylock suits are made of, why they work, and recommendations for each […]

Volcom & Sunrise ‘Strong As Stone’ Tee

These shirts were donated to us by our friends at Volcom. The proceeds will help with repairs caused by Hurricane Matthew. We are so appreciative for Volcom’s donation that we decided to pay it forward. $15 of every shirt benefits WithLove charity. Their mission is to give children with cancer the opportunity to be kids. […]

“Test Drive” Episode #10 – Lost Carbon Wrap Baby Buggy

In this episode of Test Drive, Garrett reviews one of his favorite boards (the Taj Burrow Baby Buggy) in Lost’s “Carbon Wrap” technology. The Carbon Wrap “Baby Buggy” is constructed with 2 lbs. epoxy foam with carbon strips strategically wrapped throughout the board to increase speed, spring, and durability. With EPS based construction, we recommend […]

“Test Drive” Episode 9 – DHD DX1 Epoxicore technology

For this episode of Test Drive, Garrett continues to analyze the boards behind the recent epoxy trend. In this episode, he discusses the construction and benefits of DHD’s innovative epoxicore technology in one of his favorite surfboard models, the DX1. Check out the full video to get an idea of how the board is construction […]

New Sunrise decks are in stock!

Yesterday we received a big shipment of new Sunrise decks! Inspired by the Godfather, one of the greatest films of all time, Sunrise has teamed up with Flagler College Graphic Designer Tyler Odachowski to get the job done. We’re stoked with the turnout! Come in and get ’em before they’re gone. Sizes range from 7.5 […]

“Test Drive” Episode 8 – Channel Islands FLEX BAR

We are really excited to start diving into all the epoxy technology that is out there right now. On this episode of Test Drive we will be trying out Channel Islands new technology called the FLEX BAR. We will be reviewing the Sampler model because it is one i am familiar with in the traditional […]

“On The Spot” Episode 5 – Hal Scarborough

We linked up with Sunrise team rider Hal Scarborough for this months On The Spot edit. Hal is a local Jacksonville ripper who travels a lot whether its to skate a contest or just to find some new spots to shred. Hal is a little camera shy but we pulled some stuff out of him […]

Test Drive Episode #7 – Slater Designs “Sci-Fi”

For this episode of Test Drive, Garrett reviews the highly anticipated and hyped “Sci-Fi” which is collaborative effort between Firewire Surfboards, Daniel Thompson, and Slater Designs. With some similar characteristics to the Evo, Vader, and Vanguard (other Tomo designed boards), the Sci-Fi infuses more traditional performance elements. Watch the video to see Garrett test the […]

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