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Jax Beach Skate Park @ Sunshine Park

We are now weeks away from the opening of Jax Beaches new skate park at Sunshine Park!! The team, community and staff have been anxiously awaiting this moment after it was initially announced in early 2016. The park will open on March 16th according to Team Pain Skateparks Instagram. These guys always build the best […]

Tristan Thompson in ‘Black Coffee’

We highly recommend what you’re doing and watch Tristan Thompson in his new edit ‘Black Coffee’ which was filmed in Bali. Tristan is a part-time shop employee/full time ripper who’s surfing has really matured in the last couple of years. Check it out! BLACK COFFEE ☕️ from Alessio Saraifoger on Vimeo.

“Test Drive” Episode #11 – Sharp Eye Disco E2 construction

For the final episode of Test Drive in 2016, we wrap up our series of epoxi construction reviews with a model that Garrett is very familiar and fond of…the Sharp Eye “Disco”. The Sharp Eye Disco model is one of Garrett’s all time favorite small wave performance boards. Watch Garrett put the Disco model to […]

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